What Makes Us Special

DanceWell Is Unique

Dance is simply fun! It combines a love of music with a desire for expression.

What makes DanceWell unique is how Linda and the instructors embrace a variety of music and dance styles to get students comfortable quickly while dancing socially.

Our community of social dance is close and welcoming. With dance classes and lessons six days a week, and parties every Thursday as well as Second Saturdays, we have much to add to your dancing lifestyle.

Our instructors teach both American and International dance styles, both used regularly on the social dance floor. Our reputation for teaching social dancing in the Portland area is one of the best! We teach the most popular dances: Ballroom and Latin American styles, Swing and Country, West Coast, Hustle and Nightclub. Learn to dance them all well!

And everything is in an atmosphere of fun and team spirit. We hope you’ll enjoy your time with us!