Group Class Expectations and Curriculum

What can I expect at a dance class?  And what class level is right for me?

In a group dance class you can enjoy learning your social dancing skills, making new friends and moving to all types of music!  — And you don’t need a partner!! Wear casual clothing and shoes that are snug-fitting with leather or smooth-soles so they don’t stick to the floor. 
DanceWell offers classes in  Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Country & Nightclub dances.  

What about my first day of class?  4 Class details

  1. our Classes usually begin first week of a month and are 50-55 minutes each week for 4 weeks (example: 4 Mondays @ 7pm).   Review, add new material –and practice every week! 
  2. Plan to preregister and pay for classes online, and arrive at class early enough to have a few moments to sign in. If you’ll be paying for class onsite, allow enough time for the instructor to process your payment prior to class beginning.
  3. onsite ask for Linda Springstead and the DanceWell staff.  *Note that DanceWell shares the buildings with other businesses.
  4. Build a stronger skill-set for social dancing by repeating  class series. you’ll learn different patterns each time through.

How do I read the Calendar?  What class should I join?

Remember:  Classes are taught at four skill levels, increasing in difficulty. Ask and we’ll help you decide which classes and levels are the best fit for you. Each class level builds on skills learned in previous classes.

Here’s an example of CLASS LEVELS:
  • WALTZ-1 (a Beginner class, good for everyone)
  • WALTZ-2 (a Beyond Beginner class.  Students can remain in this class for several months)
  • WALTZ-3 (an Intermediate class.  Students in this class should have already been studying this dance for 3-5 months or more.  there are many many variations to learn)
NOTE ABOUT “SIMILAR DANCES”: Many dances use the same partnering and movement skills.  If one dance is not currently on the calendar, join a class in a similar style to continue your dancing progress.  See our Dance Recommendations page

Here’s a little more detail about Class Curriculum and Class Levels


Skill-Set: NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED FOR NEWCOMER OR BEGINNER CLASSES.  Occasional workshops for brand new dancers who would like to learn a few partnering skills before joining Beginner classes.

Your INTRO goals: 1) Learn simple Rhythms to music. 2) Learn balanced movement with a partner. 3) Learn some partnering “lead/follow” skills”. 4)  “Get by” at a dance event.

**Each new dance learned improves your general timing, partnering and movement skills. The easiest dances to begin with: Waltz, Cha Cha, Foxtrot, Salsa, East Coast Swing, Rumba.

BEGINNER – The first step

Skill-Set: LITTLE OR NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED.  Easiest for those who have experienced some sort of dance rhythms or partnering. But no experience is needed for these classes.  A half hour private lesson can be scheduled for a “quick-start” if you like.

Your goals in a BEGINNER class: 1) Learn and improve movement and partnering skills. 2) Learn lead/follow, turning, traveling, twirling and more. 3) Learn the basic social dancing patterns used on the dance floor, usually 7 or so patterns. (Note: all these variations cannot be taught in one 4-week series, so repeating is encouraged.)

**Note: each time you repeat a class series,  for example Waltz, you’ll learn better form, partnering and movement skills.

BEYOND BEGINNER or “MID-LEVEL” – Strengthen and Enhance Skills

Skill-Set: 1-3 MONTHS EXPERIENCE IN THE DANCE LISTED. For those who can already comfortably transition with partners between a few basic patterns.

Your goals in a BEYOND BEGINNER class:   1) Improve your partnering skills and style.   2) Improve turning, traveling, twirling.   3) Add to your repertoire of dance moves, usually steps 8-15 of the foundation social patterns.  Note: all these variations cannot be taught in one 4-week series.

**Also called “Skilled Beginner” or “Mid-Level” classes.  Repeating class series lets you “forget” the steps and begin to shine.

INTERMEDIATE – Develop Personal Style

Skill-Set: 6 MONTHS TO 2+ YEARS EXPERIENCE IN THE PARTICULAR DANCE BEING TAUGHT.  Continuously improving your skills, ready to add new exciting moves to your dance repertoire. For those already comfortable with their lead/follow skills in a particular dance style.

Your goals in an INTERMEDIATE class: 1) Understand and use the fundamentals learned earlier. 2) Apply your skills to more difficult steps. 3) Add to and improve your dancing skills with more advanced form and finessed movement. Become free to express yourself.

**You can stay at the Intermediate level for a long long time.  Many many new patterns and variations to learn!

ADVANCED or MASTERS – (Medals dance and/or Showdance)

Skill-Set: 1 ½ -3 YEARS EXPERIENCE IN THE DANCE BEING TAUGHT. Continuously improving your skills, able to quickly review and add or create new combinations. Preparation for Medals Testing if desired.

Your goals in an ADVANCED class: 1) Review of all steps in a certain level. 2) Continue improving technique skills, lead/follow and variations. True mastery of the dance!