Group Class Expectations

Class expectations: to learn social dancing skills as well as to enjoy moving to all types of music!  DanceWell offers classes in  Ballroom, Latin, Swing & Nightclub dances, as well as Line Dance and Youth classes.  

Class Details

No dance partner is needed.

Series Classes usually begin first week of a month — 50-55 minutes for 4 weeks (example: 4 Mondays @ 7pm). First find a class on our calendar page, then register.

Preregister and pay for classes online. This saves you money and saves time so we can get right into dancing. If you’ll be paying for class onsite, please arrive early enough for the instructor to process your payment prior to class beginning so everyone can start on time.

Be sure to arrive early enough to have a few moments to sign in and relax a bit before class begins.  And ask for Linda Springstead and the DanceWell staff, or look for (DW) classes.  The buildings where we hold classes are separate businesses from DanceWell.


  • Classes are taught at four skill levels, increasing in difficulty L1=Introduction or Beginner; L2=Mid-Level (Bronze Level); L3=Intermediate (Silver Level) and L4=Advanced or Masters (Gold Level). Ask and we’ll help you decide which classes and levels are the best fit for you. Each class level builds on skills learned in previous classes.
  • Plan to repeat each series for most effective learning.  DanceWell classes run on two tracks: Patterns and Technique.  Build a stronger skill-set for social dancing by repeating classes.  First time focus on patterns, next time focus more on lead / follow, movement skills or style.  Review, add new material –and practice every week!
  • Clothing is usually casual, as many times people come from the office or word.  Shoes should be snug-fitting and leather or smooth-soled so they don’t stick to the floor.