Pricing Options

You are welcome to prepay for your classes or lessons here online, or pay the DanceWell staff at your class location.  

Group Classes

Can’t attend all 4 weeks of a class series?  Use our SINGLE-VISIT PASSES for any DanceWell classes !!   Passes expire 6-months after purchase.  For earlybird CLASS DISCOUNTS register and prepay on our Calendar page.

Note: to buy multiple passes, click on the “Buy Now” button, and then exit out of the shopping cart as many times as needed.  Passes bought here may be used for any DanceWell classes

Youth Single-Visit Pass | $10

Adult Single-Visit Pass | $12

Private Lesson Appointments

Keep more of your lesson time for learning rather than “bookkeeping” by prepaying here.

30 Minute Lesson Appointment (All Instructors) | $40

55 Minute Appointment (w/LINDA or RICK) | $75

55-Minute Appointment (w/ Associate Instructor GARY, LISA, PATTI) | $70

Multiple Appointment Packages

EARLYBIRD PRICING DISCOUNTS make prepaying for multiple lesson appointments or class series a great way to save both time and money !! When prepaying for multiple lessons note the various expiration times.

5 Hours of Lessons w/LINDA in 2 Months  (expires after 2 months) | $350

6 Hours of Lessons w/LINDA in 1 month  (expires after 1 month) | $420

8 Hours of Lessons w/LINDA or RICK in 1 month  (expires after 1 month) | $520