Prepaid Pricing & Specials

Prepaid Pricing and Package Specials

3 ways to pay for classes and lessons:

  • PREPAY CLASS Passes and lesson package specials FROM THIS PAGE
  • Use our ENROLLMENT PAGE for Earlybird class series discounts.
  • Or pay the DanceWell staff AT YOUR CLASS LOCATION ON CLASS DAY.
*DanceWell PDX is a separate business from the locations where we teach.

Prepay Group Class “Drop-In” Passes


  • Passes bought on this page may be used for any DanceWell classes and levels.
  • To buy multiple passes, click on the “Buy Now” button, and then exit out of the shopping cart as many times as needed.
  • Earlybird special discounts are only through the enrollment process.
  • Drop-In Passes expire 6-months after purchase.

Youth Single-Visit Pass | $11

Adult Single-Visit Pass | $12

Prepay for a Private Lesson Appointment

Keep more of your lesson time for learning rather than “bookkeeping” by prepaying here.

30 Minute Lesson Appointment (All Instructors) | $40

55 Minute Appointment (w/LINDA or RICK) | $75

55-Minute Appointment (w/ Associate Instructor GARY, LISA, PATTI) | $70

Package Specials: Prepay for Multiple Appointments

EARLYBIRD PRICING DISCOUNTS make prepaying for multiple lesson appointments or class series a great way to save both time and money !! When prepaying for multiple lessons note the various expiration times.

5 Hours of Lessons w/LINDA in 2 Months  (expires after 2 months) | $350

6 Hours of Lessons w/LINDA in 1 month  (expires after 1 month) | $420

8 Hours of Lessons w/LINDA or RICK in 1 month  (expires after 1 month) | $520