Teams & Showcases

Have you Seen Dancing Recitals for your Friends or Children?

Here at DanceWell we’re ready to turn you into a Star for your friends and family too!

Each year we have showcase events or “Recitals” provide definite goals for our students to continue working on the form and technique of their dancing. And to shine for their friends and family! All information applies as in the DanceSport section, except you will dance and/or demo at our dance parties and recitals rather than be judged at competitive events.

We also have a Performance Team

which dances not only for our studio parties and events, but also at other venues around town. These Team Dances are danced in a group situation several times each year, and partners rotate in a formation type patterns. In the year 2011-2012 we performed different routines of Waltz, Quickstep, Tango, Foxtrot and Rumba, as well as Beginner Routines of East Coast Swing and Line Dancing.

Much of each performance is socially-danceable patterns with additional style and flair added for performance appeal.

Either personal “solo” routines with a partner or your instructor, or team performances with other couples, both are great times and lots of fun!

There are requirements for joining the dance teams, most importantly that you are comfortable with the dance being performed. Best to speak with an instructor for information and ways to prepare for team performances.

Ladies of the Dark Waltz