DanceSport Competitions

What is DanceSport?

A Ballroom Dance “DanceSport” Competition is an organized dance event that invites people of all ages and levels to participate in the sport and hobby of Ballroom Dancing. It is usually held at a hotel so that dancers from all over the country can participate. Competition, shows and general dancing from morning till midnight for two days!

Spectators can see dancing at all levels, from beginners through professional, and witness, live, some of the finest Ballroom Dancing in the world today.

Why dance in a competition?

Besides fun, excitement, challenge and accelerated learning, what more? Dancesport competitions create a clear goal for you and your dancing. By having a “date” to shoot for, you will find that you get more $$ value out of your lessons and classes because of your new focus. Hobbyist students who compete tend to learn faster and dance with more technique and style than those who take lessons for social dancing only. Camaraderie among competitors, receiving and giving encouragement, measuring improvement in skills from event to event, all causes most of us to feel a sense of accomplishment, and we are inspired to learn more and more.

What if I’m just a beginner?

The competitions are set up to include dancers at all levels. The “newcomer” division is designed for students who have been dancing just a few months.

Who do I dance with and what is the format?

If you have a partner, you may dance together. Most people however, do not have partners in the early stages of learning so they dance with their teachers. This is called Pro-Am or Student-Teacher.

What is the cost?

The entry fees vary somewhat with each competition, but generally it costs between $45 – $65 to dance in a group event with several couples on the floor, and $60 – $110 to dance a solo routine. In addition, an event ticket usually costs about $14 per day, more if you attend the evening dinner/show/dance.

I’d like to try that. Now what?


We are excited and so pleased to have you participate! Now we’ll make a plan of action! Which dance steps to use, how to create and keep a beautiful dance frame, how to navigate a large floor, what are the expectations of the judges – in short, preparation, preparation, preparation! Your teacher will tell you all the details of the particular competition coming up such as dates, what you will dance, what you will wear, when to show up, etc. We know you will have a great time and will learn a lot!

What if I don’t like competitions?

Most people who participate in Ballroom Dance Competitions are not in it for “winning”. The way we approach it is more like you are competing with yourself. It’s an opportunity to set a goal, work hard, then go out and do it. But if you would rather not dance in competitions, you may enjoy dancing in our showcases and performance teams.