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by Linda Springstead

Intensive Dance Training

Learn about our PROFESSIONAL INSTRUCTOR TRAINING, a 16-month part-time DVIDA American Syllabus Ballroom Dance and Teacher Training Program. START WITH ANY SESSION YOU WISH! A Structured Program of Learning and Teacher Training. more information

Explore Our STUDENT MEDALS TRAINING Program – In order to become an accomplished dancer, you must develop confidence, self- discipline, self-reliance and the ability to work with others to reach your goals. There is no greater way to truly learn and understand dancing than to prepare for a formal certification examination. Medal Examinations can be compared to academic examinations, wherein you are tested on the mastery of skills previously learned before progressing to the next level. more information

DANCESPORT COMPETITION and SHOWCASE TRAINING – A Ballroom Dance “DanceSport” Competition is an organized dance event that invites people of all ages and levels to participate in the sport and hobby of Ballroom Dancing. It is usually held at a hotel so that dancers from all over the country can participate. And in the studio, each year we have showcase events or “Recitals” which provide definite goals for our students to continue working on the form and technique of their dancing, and to shine for their friends and family! more Dancesport competition and Showcase training information.