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by Linda Springstead

Newcomer Introduction

Today is a great day to start dancing !

Our Intro to Dance class and Party on Thursdays at 8pm is great for new dancers!  Learn the basics for our most popular dances in just weeks!  There is always a half hour lesson to start; then open dancing to a variety mix of classic to contemporary music.  And great mixers as well as 2-3 extra mini-lessons during the evening as well for new dancers!

Beginner class series are on various days and times of the week.  Pick a class to join and make a couple of passes through each series. First learn some patterns and focus on timing, rhythm and partnering skills.  Next times add more technique, and better lead/follow and movement skills. Then continue to higher levels in the dances you like most…

You’ll soon become a well-rounded social dancer in Ballroom, Latin, Swing & Nightclub styles.

  • dance to most music played at a typical social dance.
  • see similarities of steps in all the dance styles.
  • add skills and control in your dancing. Slow, fast, sharp, gentle…

DanceWell has 3 different “levels” of dance classes:

  • Beginner / Newcomer
  • Beyond Beginner
  • Intermediate / Advanced.

See our Skill Levels page for more details.

Speed up the process!  Make it a weekly event on Thursdays to attend our Thursday dances ($5/person) to practice the new steps you’ve learned.