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by Linda Springstead

Lisa Boucher: Dance Instructor

lisa boucherLisa began dancing as a child standing on her father’s feet. Social dancing was a regular activity in her large, musical family. She studied ballet, jazz and tap through her teens and continued dancing as an adult in jazz/lyrical styles. Also a musician and vocalist, Lisa brings her deep understanding of music and musical styles to both her dancing and teaching.

In 2010, she returned to partner dancing and discovered Cross-Step Waltz and Night Club 2-Step. In 2011, she found her passion for ballroom dance and West Coast Swing and immersed herself in group classes, workshops and private lessons. To deepen her knowledge and further develop her skills as a dancer and instructor, she joined the DanceWell Ballroom teacher training program in 2012, studying the DIVDA Syllabus. She is also training as a competitive dancer in International Standard Ballroom and West Coast Swing and performs regularly with both the DanceWell Ballroom performance team and with a dance partner.

Lisa brings boundless energy and enthusiasm to the dance floor. She particularly enjoys sharing her passion for music and dance with new dancers as they develop their skills and confidence. “There is always that moment for new dancers when they realize they ARE dancers, and it is so rewarding and inspiring to witness that moment and see the joy on their faces as they move around the dance floor.”