by Linda Springstead

Kids & Teens


“Teaching Kids and Teens Life-skills through Dance”

Welcome to our Kids Elementary Dance Class!

6-14 year olds

kids teens ballroom
Practicing face-to-face contact with others beyond their own friends, this course combines dance lessons with common courtesies, helping students create a positive impression on others. An edge that will help your child in life.


  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • Respect and acceptance of individual differences
  • Social skills and teamwork
  • Coordination and musicality

The dance steps help break the ice and create a teamwork effort with various partners, while learning coordination and having fun! The cumulative effect of dancing and socializing over the months and years is of students who not only have fun and learn a great movement skill; they shed their shyness and emerge with self-confidence.

Group Class General Information

Classes are taught 55 minute hour and begin 1st week of each month.

Youth Dance Basics Class: 2-3 months experience
Youth & Family Intro Class: No experience needed

Cost:INTRO segment: $10/class. Monthly Discount $20/4-weeks;
Beginner Basics: $10/class. Monthly Discount $35/4-weeks

Beginner Basics class has two instructors to help boost students’ learning

  • Students are expected to attend each class.
  • We reserve the right to drop from the class series anyone whose conduct is detrimental to the group or our program.

Shoes and clothing for Ballroom dance classes:

  • Thin soled shoes with no tread or rubber bottoms are best. If possible some kind of dress shoes.
  • Clean, neat, comfortable clothing that students can move in.

All Ages Information

Kids and Teens at least 4 ft. tall are also welcome to join in Adult Group Classes

Cost: $20/4-weeks or $10/class

Please arrive 20-30 minutes early at first class.
Questions? Call Linda at 503-241-0460 Ext.0
Family discounts are available