by Linda Springstead

Newcomer Introduction

Today is a great day to start dancing !


As an introduction to social dancing for Newcomers, DanceWell offers several Beginner classes on different days and times of the week.  Pick a class to join and plan to make two passes through each series. Your first time through plan to learn some patterns and focus on timing, rhythm and partnering skills.  Next times you’ll be more able to add more technique, and better lead/follow and movement skills. Continue to higher levels in the dances you like most… and do try several social dances so that you’ll become a well-rounded social dancer.

As you will see, DanceWell has 3 different “levels” of dance classes:

  • Beginner / Newcomer
  • Beyond Beginner
  • Intermediate / Advanced.

See our Skill Levels page for more details.

Make it a weekly event on Thursdays to attend our Thursday dances ($5/person) and practice the new steps you’ve learned.  You’ll soon be able to:

  • dance to most music played at a typical social dance.
  • see similar steps in the dance styles.
  • add skills and control in your dancing. Slow, fast, sharp, gentle…