by Linda Springstead

Group Dance Classes

Series Classes usually begin the first week of the month. They are typically 50-55-minute weekly classes led by one of our instructors and are usually 4-weeks long. Review, add new material and practice every week during class.

“Leaders” and “Followers” rotate to different partners in our classes for everyone’s best learning experience.

*Note: At our party lessons you are welcome to either rotate and meet the evening’s potential dance partners -or to stay with one person.

NEWCOMER INTRO SPECIAL classes are slowest-paced and focus on rhythm, timing and partnering, with very simple patterns.

BASICS-1 (also called BEGINNER-1, BRONZE 1) classes are quicker-paced and more detailed than INTRO classes. These are the foundations of social dance. BASICS-2 (also called BEGINNER 2, BEYOND BEGINNER, BRONZE 2) classes add more foundation, patterns and skills.

INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED classes include more advanced variations and technique, building on earlier skills.

What Level Class should I join? Skill Levels

REGISTER early for Your Classes

We encourage you to register and enroll through our website, but the DanceWell Phone app is also a quick way to hold your spot in a class. Prices are discounted online but paying at the studios for series or “Daily Dropins” is welcome. If enrolling via email or phone be sure to list name(s) & phone number, as well as the class, day and month you are registering for. If the class is full or the gender balance off you can be placed on our waiting list.

Additional Classes

Line Dancing

Includes new steps, routines and dance-time in an hour class. Both country and variations of other dance types are taught, including Waltz, Salsa, Rap, Rumba…

Instructor Training Program

The “college course” of dancing. Learn to lead and follow and become an excellent dancer and really understand each dance. Learn what the best Pros know about all the steps, choreography, technique, and dance vocabulary as well. This class has a time commitment outside of classtime.

Bronze Medals or Competition Programs

This program is usually taught during private lesson appointments, with occasional Medals Classes being scheduled as group enrollments. Become an excellent dancer and really understand each dance. For those who love kinesthetic movement, want to fully understand their job as leader or follower, or who may be interested in showdance or Competitive dance, this is the program for you.

Dancewell Performance Team

The team performs different routines at our studio parties and in the general Portland area for Senior Centers, fairs, and other various venues… NOT a formation team, mostly socially danceable material that can be performed by one couple or many.

Qualifications for Performance Group: Time commitment varies with routine choreography, practice and performance dates. Some knowledge of dance vocabulary necessary and a basic knowledge of the dances being performed. Pre-screening by the instructor is required.

Interested in a dance class not listed on the calendar? Make a request to Linda and we’ll add a new class to the calendar. Be sure to check our Calendar Page regularly.