by Linda Springstead

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Series Classes are usually 4 weeks (i.e. 4 Mondays) and are typically 50-55-minutes. Every week you’ll review previous class material, add something new, and practice.

*Note: “Leaders” and “Followers” partner rotation is expected for everyone’s best learning experience in our regular class series. At our party lessons you are welcome to either rotate and meet the evening’s potential dance partners -or to stay with one person.

What Level Class should I join?

Check out our Current Class Calendar for a traditional Calendar View of DanceWell classes and events. Scroll through a class list on our Enrollments page.

Register online, or on our DanceWell PDX Phone App or in person at the studio. Prepaying online saves $$ and ensures your spot in the next class as current students.

Our Weekly Parties are for practicing what you’ve learned and becoming part of the community.
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Private Lessons

Private lessons can be scheduled to your convenience and planned for your specific needs and goals. Lessons can be for Singles or couples, there is no additional price for a second person.
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Questions? Call Linda at 503-241-0460 ext.0 or email :

Dance Recommendations New Students FAQ
Some dances are easier to learn than others. NOTE: This does NOT mean you should not learn the dance you want — just that it may be a little more difficult until you have developed movement and partnering skills.

For descriptions of the dances see Dance Style Descriptions