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Getting Started: Ballroom and Social Dance Classes

Enrollment - Booking for Dance Classes and LessonsDanceWellPDX classes are taught in 4-week progressive series

Getting Started

(The day to start dancing)

Rose CityNew Student? Start with any NEWCOMER INTRO or BASIC (BRONZE) class.

NEWCOMER INTRO classes are slowest-paced and focus on rhythm, timing and partnering, with very simple patterns. 
classes are quicker-paced and more detailed than INTRO classes.
BASICS & BEYOND classes add more foundation patterns and skills, and
ADVANCED classes include more advanced variations and technique, building on earlier skills.

Our Weekly Party Practicums are for practicing what you’ve learned and becoming part of the community.
View directions to the studios, and photos of the buildings on our Contact Page

Rose CityDecide on a Class or Dance to Learn

First decide what dances you want to learn -  Descriptions of Dance Styles - Then check the Current Two Month Class Calendar to see a traditional Calendar view.  Note: Classes usually begin the first week of each month

Rose CityEnroll and Pay online or at first class

Use our Registration banner to enroll and pay online, or
Hold a spot in a class
via email or phone or email or 
“Drop in” to a class without notice.

If the class is full, the gender balance is off or you would like to “catch up” to the current class level, you are welcome to learn or the material or “catch up” to the class through private lessons.

Questions?  Call Linda at 503-241-0460 ext.0 or email

Rose CityEach Day of Class

BEAVERTON STUDIO:  Check in attendance & get your name tag. You’re welcome to prep for class by practicing when you arrive.
TIGARD STUDIO:  Give your name at the BDC front desk in the lobby; you will be directed to the correct ballroom.  Then Check in attendance with DanceWell & get your name tag. You’re welcome to prep for class by practicing when you arrive.

On the 3rd & 4th class preregister to hold your spot in the next class series.   
Email, call or sign up on a PRE-REGISTRATION SHEET at the studios.
Or ENROLL and PREPAY again through our online system. Prepaying and preregistering saves $$ and ensures your spot in the next class as current students.

Class Recommendations
 New Students FAQ >

Some dances are easier to learn than others.  NOTE:  This does NOT mean you should not learn the dance you want -- just that it may be a little more difficult until you have developed movement and partnering skills. 
For descriptions of the dances see  Dance Style Descriptions

Easiest to Learn Next Level More Difficult




4-count Swing Hustle (also called Disco or Hustle)

East Coast Swing  (simple rhythm)   

Cha Cha

Salsa or Mambo


Lindy Swing

East Coast Swing
(triple rhythm)

Nightclub Two Step

Fusion Waltz


Argentine Tango  
Viennese Waltz

Lindy Hop

Paso Doble

West Coast Swing  
3-count Hustle
International (Slow) or American
(Silver) Foxtrot   
International Waltz    
International Cha Cha     
International Tango
International Rumba

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