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Singles and Couples monthly or drop in as you like.

Dance class

Build a solid foundation in social dancing while developing skill and style.Our classes are provided in four (4) weekly sessions, starting in the first week of a calendar month. Partner rotation in class is expected for everyone’s best learning experience.

New to dancing? Join an INTRO (Newcomer) class first and learn about timing, rhythm and partnering.  This is specially for brand new dancers, and the dances change every month.  The Monthly Class Rotation is: Foxtrot, Salsa, Swing, Rumba, Waltz, East Coast Triple Swing & Cha Cha Cha, then repeat.  

After learning a few dances in the INTRO class, pick a BASICS classes to join. Plan to take BASICS Classes several times before moving to more advanced.  Class progression is BASICS - BASICS & BEYOND - INTERMEDIATE.  Our ADVANCED classes are usually taught in either private lessons or small private groups.

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Rose CityClass Descriptions

DanceWell Ballroom group classes offer two “tracks” for students to choose from: Social Track, which is a very relaxed, general class for social dancing and Technical Track, which is much more detail oriented.

A group class is typically a 50-55-minute session led by one of our instructors.  4-weeks long “sessions” begin the first week of a month.  Every week you’ll review previous steps, with practice time included. Students are divided into leaders and followers who rotate to different partners in every class.. 

INTRO (Newcomer) classes are specially for brand new dancers to learn timing, rhythm and smooth partnering. Have fun and achieve muscle memory in simple social dance patterns; enough to “get by” at any dance event.  The Monthly Class Rotation is: Foxtrot, Salsa, Swing, Rumba, Waltz, East Coast Triple Swing & Cha Cha Cha, then repeat.  

BASICS classes review what was taught in INTRO and move quickly to new patterns.  Learn foundational skills, including partnering, lead/follow, movements of turning, traveling, twirling and more basic steps to use when social dancing.  BASICS & BEYOND classes continue with more variation of steps.  You are encouraged to take several BASICS and BASICS & BEYOND classes before enrolling for INTERMEDIATE classes, building on skills learned in earlier classes as you progress.   

INTERMEDIATE classes are for those who understand and use the fundamentals of a particular dance style and have successfully danced a particular dance style for 6 months.  Students build on the skills learned in earlier classes as they develop more skill, variation and style.  

ADVANCED classes are for those who are fully comfortable with their lead/follow skills in a particular dance style and wish to learn more variations and improve their skills.  These are usually privately organized.


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Additional Classes

Line Dancing Class

Includes new steps, routines and dance-time in an hour and a half class.  We call it Linedancing+ because both country and variations of other dance types are taught.

Instructor Training Program

The "college course" of dancing.  Learn to lead and follow and become an excellent dancer and really understand each dance.  Learn what the best Pros know about all the steps, choreography, technique, and dance vocabulary as well.  This class has a time commitment outside of classtime.  More information see 
Professional Training

Bronze Medals or Competition Programs

Become an excellent dancer and really understand each dance.  
more information >

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Dancewell Performance Team

The team performs different routines at our studio parties and in the general Portland area for Senior Centers, fairs, etc...  NOT a formation team, mostly socially danceable material that  can be performed by one couple or many.

Qualifications for Performance Group

Time commitment varies with routine choreography, practice and performance dates. Some knowledge of dance vocabulary necessary and a basic knowledge of the dances being performed. Pre-screening and a partner is required. Dance Routines are taught, with performances at various venues as the goal.

Interested in a dance class not listed on the calendar? Make a request  to Linda and we'll add a new class to the calendar.  Be sure to check our Calendar Page regularly.

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