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Rose City"It's not just what you do. It's about how you do it, the environment you do it in and the energy behind the action."
(Linda Springstead)

Meet Our Instructors

Linda Springstead
Linda Springstead   
Rick Davis
Rick Davis 
Patty Drewry
Patti Drewry
Gary DeLeonGary DeLeon Toni Valerio
Toni Valerio
Lisa Boucher
Lisa Boucher


For private instruction with any of our instructors Email Us or call 503-241-0460 Ext.0

DanceWell Ballroom History

DanceWell Ballroom, the business, was opened in 1990 and based in the SE Hollywood district, moving to Lake Oswego and then to the Tigard area in 1994.  In 2009 we moved to the Beaverton area and as of June 1 2013 are now based in a co-operative dance studio: Beaverton Ballroom (formerly Tatyana’s Ballroom). There are also several other businesses which run out of the co-operative space in Cedar Hills Mall. Find a map on our Contact page

DanceWell is well-known for helping students develop good form, lead/follow and timing, and for teaching both American and International-style instruction. Both are used regularly on the social dance floor and we call our combination “Amer-National”.  You can find a list of all dances taught on our Dance Styles Page, from the Ballroom styles to Latin American dances, Swing and Country to Argentine Tango.

Now consisting of several instructors, our program is still most focused on Group Social Dance Instruction and Instructor Training through the Ballroom Dance Teacher’s DVIDA Program. One-to-one training, and coaching for Student Couples are also popular. Everything is in an atmosphere of fun and team spirit.

Our community of dancers is close and welcoming. With classes and lessons six days a week, and parties every Wednesday as well as First Saturdays, Fourth Fridays Swing and Live music occasionally we have much to add to your dancing lifestyle. We hope you’ll enjoy your time with us!

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